Before & After with England's Gardens Part II

Before: These evergreens needed cutting right back at the Preston Park garden, having not had some tender gardening care for quite a while. Billy, the dog, looks on as England's Gardens gets to work on getting the Brighton garden back up to scratch....

After: These shrubs are back to their best having been given some pruning treatment in a day's work, ready for some planting for some hot colour in summer.The Bay tree (Laurus nobilis) in particular has been taken down to give the garden some perspective again.

Below Right: Using an extended ladder, I was able to cut back rampant Wisteria siniensis that had not been pruned the year before, freeing the beautiful shuttered windows of this 1850s built Brighton house from the Wisteria, ready for it to blossom in May. Not for the faint of heart! Don't worry, even though I am not in the second picture, I am still safe, alive and in one piece.

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