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Bark Chippings

I have just completed a mulching project for a family living in Westdene. Together we decided to mulch the sides of the garden to create a distinctive border on either side. It does look an improvement, but in total we used 24 bags of 125L bark chippings! Well, it was heavy work I can tell you and my joints are aching today, but the family are pleased with it. A good thing about it is the weed membrane and chippings cover any stones or sharp objects which children might find should they wander over to the borders, so it is decorative and safer for children. I hope to post a picture of the end result in a day or two. Don't these Ericas (Heather) look lovely.

Hampton Court

Well, here is a picture of me standing beside our silver gilt award design for City College Brighton and Hove. It certainly was a fun day going to Hampton Court and it was the first time I had ever been to a design show. Hopefully I will go again next year if I can make it. Well done again to City College for winning this prestigious award. I believe the college are enrolling during the summer for the NVQ and OCN Horticulture and Garden Design courses and I thoroughly recommend them. If you are interested check out