Glad All Over?

This is 1980s pop sensation The Smiths, with lead singer and all round musical genius Morrissey holding his beloved gladioli. Now rock history has never suggested Morrissey took an NVQ at a horticulture college but he clearly had some favourite plants. They're in the shops now and have been flowering in gardens since mid July. Avid pop fans will recall the young Stephen Morrissey singing This Charming Man on Top of the Pops with these striking flowers swirling around his body. Courtesy of the BBC, here are the facts.

Common Name: Gladiolus
Genus: Gladiolus
Skill Level: Experienced
Exposure: Full sun
Hardiness: Half Hardy
Soil type: Well-drained/light, Clay/heavy, Acidic, Chalky/alkaline
Height: 110cm
Spread: 30cm
Flowering period:
July to August

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